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ASO ROCK | Buhari Spends £4,000 Daily Parking An Idle Presidential Aircraft In London- TheWailersNG

The ailing Nigeria’s leader, Muhammadu Buhari has been in London for over 50 days in his latest medical junketting.
Although, his medial conditions cannot be ascertained by majority of Nigerians because his handlers have continued to shield the people from knowing his where about or medical status.
There are speculations in some quarters that he has died in London but the Northerners who would not want the power to rotate back to the South are keeping the news away from the rest of Nigerian people, but some other Muslims have come out to disprove that, that if Buhari is dead, he cannot be kept away for too long because they must observe an Islamic rite on him regardless of the ongoing power tussle in the country.
Report also have it that he is alive but in a vegitative state with series of illness such as dementia and speech impairment.
Nigerians began to express more doubts when a purported sallah message was released in Hausa, which WAILERSNG also posted on it website, the message generated serious controversies across the country and also raised the people’s doubt about the medical state of Mr Buhari, because the message was later reported to be fake, that it was a disjointed recordings poorly done by the Presidential media office. They also tried to hing it that it was a British Broadcating Station (BBC) interview granted to Mr. Buhari which was also busted to be a lie from Buhari’s media office.
The latest of all the controversies is the fact that while majority of Nigerians are suffering in serious abject poverty, Mr. Buhari is reportedly spending a whopping sum of £4,000 daily on an idle Presidential plane in London and this has been on since over 50 days ago.
Below is the the reaction of one of the Nigerian citizensAkande Akin Sanyaolu who is angry with the wasteful spending.
“The idle presidential aircraft in London consumes £4,000  everyday for parking lot and its idleness. By 12 this morning, it would be 50days that it has stayed idle and if you multiply that by N400/1pounds for 50days it will amount to N80,000,000.00 doing nothing but waiting for the president to get well. This is not a government but a mistake”.


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