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How To Use Thread To Shape Your Eyebrows In Less Than 5 Minutes

Achieving the look you want is all about the details. The right shoes, the right jewels, and the right cosmetics make all the difference in the world. Every hair needs to be in its place — even if that place is down the drain.Hair removal is a special battle in its own right. You know it’s a big deal when people not only subject themselves to having their hair torn out by the root after dousing it with hot wax, but have built an industry around it. And it’s definitely an effective process to deal with large patches of unwanted hair.

But sometimes you need smaller hairs — that are no less unsightly — out of the way. Then you need a precision tool…

Eyebrow struggles — we all have them, even big Hollywood movie stars.

How to tame an unruly brow? Tweezers? Save them for splinters. Wax? Great for candles and possibly lips, but pretty sure your brow will thank you to leave it at that.

flickr | Smiley Pox

Try thread instead! It’s a time-tested method to shape eyebrows precisely, having been used in Central Asia and India for thousands of years.

flickr | tricsr4kidz

In addition to a bit of thread, you’ll need a lash comb/brow brush and, optionally, an eyebrow pencil to sketch out your desired shape.

Before you start, you’ll want to brush your eyebrows to get the hairs all going in the same direction.

Cut off about a foot of thread and tie it into a loop, trimming the ends off the knot.

Instructables | AliciaMD84

Twist the thread around to make an “X,” and repeat about 10 times. This forms the shuttle you’ll use to remove hairs.

If the string is too hard on your fingers, you can purchase tools to help out.

Open the fingers on one hand and close them on the other to move the shuttle along. That’s how the twists in the thread will pull the hairs out.

Practice the movements to get used to them before you start.

Be sure to move the shuttle in the direction opposite to the way the hair grows. Put one hand above the brow and one below, using the one below to move the shuttle. Put the hair you want pulled out in the “V” of the shuttle, then quickly move it up to pull out the hair with little pain.

Open the top hand again before moving on to the next hair — and make sure your shuttle isn’t near any other hair before doing so, or you’ll rip that hair out too.

Repeat until you’ve achieved the shape you desire!

flickr | Fashionisaparty

Of course, threading works on other hairs you want removed too.

Once you’ve practiced a bit, the results can be dramatic!

Main image via flickr / vinit_kothari2588Collage images via 1. Indus Salon & Boutique 2. Yelp / Natalie’s Makeup & Eyebrow Studio

credit : diply.net



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