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“The Igbos are the richest, most educated Nigerians in the country today” – Senator Ben Murray-Bruce (Video)


At a debate in the Senate, on the need for National Unity and Peaceful Coexistence in Nigeria, Politician and Founder of Silverbird Group, Senator Ben Murray-Bruce, revealed that the Igbos who are currently saying they are marginalized, are the richest, most industrious and educated people in the country.

He added that it is important for Nigeria’s education system to teach young Nigerians about the ills of war.

He said:

They say the Igbos were marginalized. They fought a war and they lost. Today, they are the most industrious people in the country. They are the richest Nigerians in the country today. They are one of the most educated people in Nigeria today, yet they feel marginalized. If you compare the Ibo man to the other sectors of the society, you would say the Igbos are very privileged because of what they have. Yet, a generation of Igbos say they are marginalized and they want to secede and want a Nation. A young generation of people who have never seen bloodshed, destruction, people being killed, amputated, families being divided, can surely think like that. But what have we done as a Nation to educate them about the destruction of what? Absolutely nothing”

The Video:

The Video:



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