Would you apply sperm facial to get glowing skin?

A 28-year-old ex model, Tracy Kiss, now a fashion blogger and mother, still looks stunning. How? Well, she rubs semen on her face every week. Isn’t that sort of weird? Apparently, a lot of women have started opting for sperm facials to get that illuminating glow on their face.

Sperm facials are slowly becoming a trend in the West, especially. In the video, Kiss reveals thay she suffers from rosacea, which causes redness to the skin and she claims that her sperm facials do the trick. “I think a lot of people are concerned with the thought of putting semen on their face, but actually it’s a very natural and healthy thing to do. I know exactly what goes into this. I know there are no added chemicals, no harshness. It’s as active and live and natural as you can possibly have,” she says.


“Semen builds babies, they come out very soft and have beautiful skin, and it leaves my skin nice and soft, so I’m very happy to use this as a facial,” she stated. “It feels like a face pack that pulls the skin inwards, it feels so glossy to wipe it off. It’s like having a kind of oil on the face or a wax where it just glides beautifully against the water. It’s so cooling and soothing.”

However, a lot of dermatologists and skin experts aren’t very keen on persuading people to apply semen on the face. A dermatologist in Connecticut sent out a stern warning. “Sexually transmitted diseases, like herpes, HIV and others could be transmitted, and there are many other better treatments for rosacea,” she said.

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