#WeAreNigerianCreatives a Hashtag showcasing Africa to the World

Nigerian artists of all mediums—artists, photographers, writers and more— have taken to Twitter throughout the past week to share their incredible work, using the hashtag #WeAreNigerianCreatives.

It’s yet another, much needed, celebration of black artistry following last year’s viral movement #DrawingWhileBlack. The challenge was started by Nigerian artist Olaloye Bunmi who shared the rules on Twitter, encouraging his fellow Nigerian creative to share 3-4 examples of their work with a brief bio.

Several talented folks are participating in the movement, and what we’ve seen so far is stunning. We’re alway here for social media movements like these that allow for talented black creatives to gain exposure.

It’s a delight to see so many Nigerian creatives doing their thing. Check out some of their work below!


Even celebrated Nigerian sci-fi writer, Nnedi Okoafor got in on the action.

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