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2023: Don’t Waste Your Votes On Obi – APC Youth Leader Tell Nigerians


The Northwest youth leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Abdulhamid Umar Mohd Oscar has called on Nigerians not to waste their votes for the Labour Party(LP) presidential candidate Peter Obi.

According to him, Obi has nothing tangible to offer the country because he is yet to say how he intends to improve on the achievements of the current administration if elected.

Naija News reports that Oscar in a statement submitted that Obi will return Nigeria back to the stone age with his half-baked policies if elected as president.

The APC youth leader said the country doesn’t need an experimental leader, and that Obi is not in tune with reality in the country.


Oscar picked on the Labour Party flag bearer alleging that he is yet to outline how he intends to create jobs and employment for more youths “except by churning out fictitious figures to back up his ignorance when asked what he is offering Nigerians as president.”

He advanced that Obi, unlike the APC presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu has reeled out his past achievements for everyone to see, adding that he has better qualifications, exposure and know-how to lead the country with his solid rock ideas.

Oscar on that premise dared Obi to also list his achievements as “Governor for 8 years in Anambra State before he can even be taken seriously.


He maintained that “Obi is not in tune with reality in the country. And we don’t want an experimental presidency, we want a leader with practical experience and a track record to govern Nigeria.

“We can imagine him replicating his achievements in Lagos in just 10 States should he emerge as president; I believe Nigeria will transcend into a comity of nations deciding in the world.

“Just a few days ago, Obi was in Lagos to unveil the seven economic master plans his administration will concentrate on if he emerges the winner of the 2023 election, but one thing he failed to do was to commend Asiwaju’s previous achievements.


“He said his government will encourage massive production centre growth for food security, ensure effective legal and institutional reforms and expand physical infrastructure, but he shows that his Next Cash and Carry Supermarket import finished goods into the country.

“We are of the belief that Obi has not created employment for teaming youths in the country as he invests in the importation of finished goods into Nigeria.

“Obi in his Seven point agenda said he will immediately embark on aggressive development of human capital, provide foreign policy to restore Nigeria’s relevance, stimulate industrial revolution, growing foreign reserves and security to lives and property, yet his business partakes in devaluing our currency as he has established a factory that produces what Nigerians can consume.


“From the aforementioned, it is clear that Obi will bring Nigeria to it knees and return it back to the stone age if he is allowed to govern this country. In a nutshell, we do not want someone who can’t replicate his achievements as Governor to rule Nigeria.”

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