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Bawumia Is Like Man United’s Maguire Scoring Own Goals – Ghana Lawmaker Slams VP


A member of the Parliament of Ghana, Adongo Frank Fuseini, has during a parliamentary session mocked the country’s Vice President (VP), Mahamudu Bawumia.

Adongo got his colleagues at the Parliament laughing so hard during the presentation of Ghana 2023 Budget, when he shared how Manchester United defender, Harry Maguire, who was once considered one of the world’s best defenders, eventually became a threat to his own team.

According to him, Bawumia is becoming a threat to Ghana’s economy just the way Maguire is to United by scoring own goals.

Naija News reports that a video clip of Adongo’s remark about the Ghanaian leader has sparked a series of reactions on social media.


His words read: “But Mr Speaker I am not surprised. If you are a fan of football. And I am happy to see you the other day jubilate when Ghana won.

“But there was a player in the United Kingdom, in England, called Harry Maguire who was playing for Manchester United.

“Harry Maguire is a defender. He was tackling everybody and throwing his body everywhere he was seen as the best defender in the World. Manchester United went and bought him.


“He became the biggest threat at the centre of Man United’s defence, tackling Man United players and giving assists to opponents.

“Mr Speaker when even the opponent fails to score, Maguire will score for them.

“Mr Speaker, you remember in this country, we also have an economic Maguire. This economic Maguire went to Malata market and we were clapping saying this man is the best at managing foreign currency.


“The same economic Maguire was roaming at Central University delivering lectures on how to restore the value of the Cedis.

“Mr Speaker, when we allowed this Maguire to be at the centre of our defence, he became the risk of our own home.

“Our economic Maguire is now tackling all the fundamentals of our economy and destroying all of them.


“When he said he was the best in calculating inflation he moved that to 40.4.

“When he said he was the best in managing depreciation, which was 9 per cent at the Bahama, he moved it to 54 per cent.

“Mr Speaker, this man was crying everywhere that businesses are collapsing because of interest rates.


“Today, Kokumesa enterprise will have to borrow about 36 per cent of the government’s borrowing.

“Somewhere around 45 to 50 per cent. Mr Speaker, the biggest fear now is that we may be paying an appearance fee for this Maguire to now go and…”

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