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CCI Traders has officially begun trading in real gold

Less than a year after ending retail trading, the trading giant CCI Traders commenced real gold trading on an institutional level. You can now trade real gold bars with CCI Traders, have them delivered to you, or store them in a bank vault. Gold can be used to preserve wealth, hedge against inflation, and hedge against crypto and FX volatility. Organizations and individuals can have as much gold reserve as possible.

The new features are not traded on leverage or margin but on a spot basis through an organised and regulated exchange. Traders can now trade real gold bars for as little as 1 gramme and have up to 50 grammes delivered to them, according to an official post on their Twitter and Instagram accounts. The good thing is that all executions are done through an organised and regulated exchange, therefore, all transactions are very safe and secure. Other instruments, such as those for agrocommodities, precious metals, oil, and gas, are also available. According to records so far, CCI Traders is the first online trading firm to trade through an organised exchange.

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