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Cutix Plc boosts half-year revenue by 27% through cable/wire sales

Cutix Plc released its half-year 2022 results on Wednesday, November 30, 2022, reporting a pre-tax profit of N546.800 million. This represents a 4% increase from the N523.503 million the company reported during the same period in 2021.   


  • 2022 H1: N4.420 billion   
  • 2021 H1: N3.491 billion  
  • Change: +27%  

Gross Profit  

  • 2022 H1: N1.072 billion   
  • 2021 H1: N1.023 billion  
  • Change: +4.78%  

Operating profit

  • 2022 H1: N605.904 million   
  • 2021 H1: N595.312 million  
  • Change: +1.78%  

Finance charges  

  • 2022 H1: N92.578 million   
  • 2021 H1 N121.450 million  
  • Change: -23.77%  

Pre-tax profit  

  • 2022 H1: N546.800 million  
  • 2021 H1: N523.503 million  
  • Change: +4%  

Net Profit after tax   

  • 2022 H1: N369.090 million  
  • 2021 H1: N356.056 million  
  • Change: +4%  

Cash in hand  

  • 2022 H1: N4.097 billion  
  • 2021 Q3: N4.000 billion  
  • Change: +2.4%  

Bottom line: The growth in pre-tax profits was due to the increase in revenue from the back cable and wire sales segment of the group despite inflationary pressure and a slim in the household wallet. 

According to the financial statement of the company, the cable and wire sales segment contributed 62.64% growth of the revenue to N2.769 billion from N2.663 billion in 2021 while the Armored cable sales segment followed with 33.68% of the revenue with N1.489 billion from N805.802 million in 2021. 

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