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De General: comedy was a stepping stone for me

Popular Instagram comedian and skit maker, Joshua Sunday, a.k.a De General has narrated how comedy has transformed things for him, not only as a content creator but as a prospective filmmaker.

Speaking with Potpourri in a recent chat, he said, “I do stunt videos, the whole goal is not comedy, I am outspoken and naturally I am funny and whenever I talk in class people laugh. My mentor is Jackie Chan because he is a comedian and also does comic fights and puts it into action.

“The whole idea was to bring action into the movie. I wanted to be acting in big screen movies but there was no time for auditions. So, for people to notice me I had to create that platform for myself, so I used comedy as a way to get into the industry and I am working to switch into a full-time movie. “Comedy was a stepping stone. I love action and stunts a lot and Nollywood movies do not do that, they do more of humour and action is quite different and that’s my own part.”

In a recent Instagram post, the talented actor also revealed the name of his film production company to his fans, he wrote “For over 10 years, I’ve been waiting for the right time to be able to bring my imaginations to life in a more cinematic form. I believe the moment has come, I De General will not relent anymore, I will be going into film-making proper in 2023. It’s time y’all experience a De General Film.”


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