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“I Am Not Sorry” – Top APC Chieftain Dumps Tinubu, Party


A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Cross Rivers State, Ray Murphy has announced his resignation from the party.

Murphy in a statement on Sunday said he can’t continue to live a lie, adding that the APC presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu is not what Nigeria needs at this time.

He described the multiple errors committed by Tinubu during recent public outings as a “comedy of gaffes”, arguing that he can’t continue supporting what is not good for the nation.

The politician added that his conscience would not give him peace if he continues to support the Muslim-Muslim ticket of the APC which does not recognize the diversity of the country.


He said: “I am not sorry! I have lost many friends because they expected me to live a lie, they expected that I would, like them, condemn the APC misrule in private and hail APC in public. I do not know how to speak with a forked tongue.

“I am not sorry that I left APC where I had made intellectual, material and financial contributions, all in a bid to help secure better governance for our!

“I realized after much effort that public good is the last thing on the mind of the leadership of the APC whether in government or out of it. Talking about public good to APC is like talking to a stone, so I took a walk. I am not sorry that I did what my conscience bids me to do.


“I cannot support a ticket that does not take into cognisance the diversity of our country. I am not sorry, that I happen to believe that this country needs better, indeed deserves better than the comedy of gaffes that the APC is trying to sell to Nigerians in order to further impoverish and already traumatized and despondent citizenry.

“I am not sorry, because I am a seeker of what is right and true. This is what we do, we stand with the truth and part ways with those who prefer lies.

“We stand with the public and part ways with those who see nothing wrong with the mass sufferings of the citizenry. I am not sorry that I stand for what is good for our nation.”


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