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I see presidency remaining in North for next 12 years –Prophet Wale Olagunju

By Olakunle Olafioye

A Christian cleric and popular seer, Prophet Wale Olagunju, has warned that peace would continue to elude Nigeria as long as the political class continues to relegate the Southeast to the background in the country. 

The man of God, who is in-charge of Divine Seed of God Chapel Ministry, Ojoo, Ibadan, also chided Christian clerics who are supporting the All Progressives Congress’ Muslim-Muslim ticket and those who he says maintain what he described as “sinful silence’ over the ticket.

In this interview, Prophet Olagunju speaks more on the 2023 general elections, secessionist agitation and other issues of national significance.


In about six months from now, the Buhari government will vacate the office for a new government. How would you assess the final lap of the outgoing government?

It is just unfortunate that we find ourselves in this present situation. I warned General Muhammadu Buhari in my 2016 prophecy not to allow the looters of yesterday to join his party. He did not listen, he allowed them to decamp to his party and here we are today. They have grounded the government to a halt. I love General Buhari based on what he did in the 80s. To be precise the Nigerian masses voted for him in the 2015 election based on his record as a disciplined former military Head of State, but when you ask me for my assessment now, this government is a complete failure and disappointment to the Nigerian masses who willingly voted for him in the 2015 presidential election. Today, President Buhari has lost that love Nigerians had for him. To authenticate my statement, let Buhari convene a town hall meeting where the greedy politicians will not be allowed to attend, what Buhari will hear at the meeting will definitely make him cry when he truly realises the true state of the nation. During his electioneering in 2015, in Borno State, when he saw the poor masses, he cried. Today, the reverse is the case, we have Buhari smiling, wining and dining with the looters in the Villa, while the poor masses, who loved and voted for him in the 2015 general election are starving and crying. This is the change Buhari brought to Nigerians. To my surprise, Buhari allowed the looters of yesterday and today to come together in his government, to loot and ground Nigerian treasury in a heartless and wicked manner. The state of Nigerian economy as at today has become decomposing and rotten apple everywhere. Today, Nigerian masses are now groaning under the yoke of the present economic hardship brought about by this government.   

What effect do you think the present hardship confronting Nigerians will have on chances of the ruling party in the forthcoming election?

If truly my vote will count and I have my way, I will not vote for the APC in the forthcoming election. Even though, I voted for the APC in the 2015 general election based on my love for Buhari that he possessed the capacity to deal with the looters, but I was proved wrong. Remember I said in my 2015 prophecy that Buhari was not the Messiah, but he would emerge as president in that year election. To be fair to Buhari, I pity him because this was not what he had in mind prior to his emergence, but the problem we have in Nigeria is that no matter how good your intention is before you come into governance at whatever level, once you allow politicians and political jobbers to infiltrate your government, they will thwart your plans. This is exactly what has happened to Buhari’s government.  

The PDP is divided against itself. Do you see this impacting on the party’s chances at coming election?

Who are the G-5? Do they really have that integrity? To me, they are opportunists who found themselves in power. They are destroying the party that brought them to power; they are now biting the fingers that fed them. If you know you are not comfortable with the system, why don’t you quit? Instead of staying in the house and be causing problem within the same house. To me, it is a political coup against Atiku and the PDP. The basis of the problem according to them was that Atiku reneged on the agreement earlier reached, but Obasanjo did the same thing. It is a common practice among the politicians. Their request for the removal of the national chairman, to me is baseless as the poor masses stand to gain nothing from Ayu’s removal. They should instead be talking about restructuring of Nigeria, where equal right, justice, law and order, will be in existence. The belief of the G-5 Governors is that Atiku is desperate to rule Nigeria, but the truth is that the government of every nation is in the hand of Almighty God and He gives to whoever He likes. So, if it is the will of Almighty God for Atiku to rule Nigeria, I boldly declare, that the so-called G-5 Governors can never stop him. The so-called PDP Governors styled integrity is only out to protect their inordinate ambition of being relevant all the time and selfishness. If I found myself in the position of the PDP National Executive Council, I would have sacked the so-called G-5 Governors. I am sure they wouldn’t try that with General Obasanjo. By their action, the basic truth is that, they have succeeded in heating up the polity.  

What is your view as a Christian leader on the APC’s Muslim –Muslim ticket?

The fact of the matter is this: the Nigerian constitution says if the presidential candidate of a party is a Christian, then the vice presidential candidate must be a Muslim. So, Muslim-Muslim or Christian-Christian ticket is unconstitutional. It really amazes me that some people allowed the ambition of Bola Tinubu to becloud their sense of reasoning. My question is: will our Muslim brothers in the North support a Christian-Christian ticket? I am surprised that many bishops are in support of the so-called Muslim-Muslim ticket,  bishops supporting injustice. What is the sin of all the prophets of the Bible? It is so simple: it was their failure to close their eyes to all form of corruption and injustice. But in our own country today, we have prophets, bishops, men of God who support and maintain sinful silence in the face of tyranny and failed in their responsibility to tell those in power the gospel truth.  

If you go by the Nigerian constitution and the ‘Emi Lo Kan’ slogan, whose turn exactly is it among the three major ethnic groups in Nigeria?

In fairness, it is not the Yoruba turn not to even talk of Tinubu’s turn. This is part of the injustice I have been talking about going on in our country.  To the slogan, “Emi lokan”, I Believe in every notion that God is not partial, I feel disturbed that the present generation of Yoruba can no longer think straight. All that you will hear Yoruba saying is that omo eni ki n s’edi bebere, ka f’ileke s’idi omo elomiran,(one does not adorn another person’s daughter with waist beads when one’s child equally needs the same waist beads.) This is my stand: I am not part of the new generation of Yoruba that are lending their voice to evil. It is the turn of the Igbo, we should stop deceiving ourselves. As long as the ruling class keeps on relegating the Igbo to the background there will never be peace in Nigeria.

Now that the two major parties are enmeshed in serious in-house crisis, don’t you think this could give a chance to a neutral party to emerge at the next election?

Well, Nigerian politicians are expert riggers. There is no how a neutral party will emerge. The ruling class are now coming together to manipulate and planning to outsmart one another. It is definitely one of them that will emerge. You know the neutral party does not possess the financial strength to wrest power. Have you ever heard of a notable politician decamping to the Labour Party? You will not find them there.

The present government seems to have succeeded in caging the secessionists and their agitation either by sending their leaders on exile or by arresting them. What in your own view will be the aftermath of this?

The Yoruba nation will stay. It is just a matter of time. The fact of the matter is this: some of these agitators are criminals in the eyes of the government. The reason is because of their utterances, which is sounding like those of terrorists. Some of them are in the habit of saying they will kill this one and kill that person; insulting people the way they like. I am in total support of anything that will favour my people, the Yoruba. I am not in support of marginalization of any race whatsoever. 

Has God revealed Nigeria’s next president to you?

I will suggest Nigerians wait for my 2023 prophecy. But going by my 2016 prophecy published by your paper, the presidency will remain the North for the next 12 years.

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