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“Service to others is the rent we pay for your room here on earth” –Sujimoto MD and philanthropist, Sijibomi Ogundele returns to Agege where it all began

“If your neighbor is hungry, your chicken is not safe” This statement by Dr. Sijibomi Ogundele, the GMD of Sujimoto is a testament to his philosophy that is committed to empowering and transforming the living experiences of Nigerians, with no bias to age, religion or class.

To accomplish great things, we must not only dream but also plan, not only believe but also act.
A few years ago, Dr. Sijibomi returned to his old public Primary School in Agege, Oko-oba, after about 33 years and made a promise to give fifty (50) pupils lifetime scholarships which brought tears of joy to the faces of the Pupils of New Oko-oba Primary School, their Parents and Teachers.

In fulfilment to his promise, Dr Sijibomi on 1st December, 2022 visited his alma mata, The New Oko-Oba Primary school, the walls where he started his journey into the aisles of academia, during their annual inter house sports, to reaffirm his commitment to be a part of the school’s support system and provide mentorship and encouragement to the school.

According to Ogundele, “we must never forget that, as humans, we have two hands — one for helping yourself, the other for helping others. At Sujimoto, our tithes go directly to people who need it the most. For us, giving back goes beyond CSR, it’s an obligation.”

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The annual inter house sport was a wonderful day full of excitement, competition and fun. From the beginning of the event to the last minutes, the students from different sport houses (pink, white, yellow, green, purple and blue) participated actively in various games like relay race, 100m & 200m race, sack race, picking the balls, egg race and many more.

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The white house which is named after Dr Sijibomi Ogundele came 2nd, coming close to pink house who came 1st as the champions of the day. The interactive games ended with the Head Mistress giving a speech of gratitude, commending the unwavering support for the school over the years.

GMD/CEO of the No.1 luxury real estate company in Africa, Dr. Sijibomi Ogundele, has never been shy to talk about his upbringing and how he won an “ovarian lottery”. He wears his background as a badge of honour as he constantly reiterates to the youths, that regardless of where you’re from or grow up, you can always succeed with the D.I.E philosophy – Diligence, Integrity and Excellence.

The statement – “Your upbringing has nothing to do with your uplifting” – is a true testament to the life of Sijibomi Ogundele who grew out of the poorest slums of Agege to the most affluent parts of Ikoyi, building his luxury company – Sujimoto Group, from the ground up, to being worth over half a billion dollars in today’s market.

Talking about why it is important for him to give back to the community that helped raise him, Ogundele said;

“Generosity is ingrained in my DNA, thanks to my mother, the No.1 Motomatician who always said “Òkè lọwọ́ afunni ńgbé”, meaning the hand that gives never lacks.” He also pointed out that education is the backbone of our future, and no matter how far one goes, they should never forget the days of their humble beginnings, as anyone can come from Ikorodu and move to Ikoyi, but it is important to stay grounded, which is why he would never forget growing up in Agege and he would make sure the kids in New Oko-Oba primary school see the light through him, so they know that there is a world bigger out there, waiting for them and all they have to do is think BIG and work hard!

Wherever you go and whatever ends you pursue, you must always fulfill the trust reposed in you by your nation, your parents and your alma mater”

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