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Tinubu says he has received his original degree certificate from Chicago State University

The Presidential candidate of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC), Bola Tinubu, in laying to rest the controversy surrounding his academic records, has said that he just received his original replacement degree certificate from Chicago State University. 

This was made known by Tinubu on Monday while answering questions during his appearance at Chatham House in London, where he was addressing controversies surrounding his age, school, and record in the private sector. 

Tinubu said that he has so far refused to engage in debates with his fellow presidential contestants because he is marketable and as such would not allow groups or institutions to use him to make money. 

Addressing issues surrounding his age, school, and private sector record 

Tinubu said he was born on March 29, 1952, adding that those who disputed claims that he was from the Tinubu family could request for a DNA test. He also stated that Mobile Oil attested to his outstanding record. He said;

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At the time of birth, I was dated March 29, 1952, in the family record. Then, I don’t think I had decided to be President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, not even that I would go into politics. 

“I’ve had a very good record in life. My record is consistent in the university they questioned. They’ve now confessed that they wasted their money and their time. The record is there, and the transcript is there showing March 1952. 

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“I’m not claiming another father, I’m Tinubu and Tinubu proper. If they want DNA, they could as well request one. 

 “One of them was even accused of not being a Nigerian citizen, I didn’t touch that area. 

“Equally, it remains the same. Chicago State University where I graduated has attested to that. Now, I can announce that I have received my original replacement degree certificate from them. 

“Deloitte trained me as an accountant. Mobile Oil has attested to my outstanding record. I got to the pinnacle of my career in the private sector. Who among them can brag about that? 

“Yes, you want to wrestle with the pig, you’ve got to live with the dirt. That’s what I’m doing. I got into politics knowing fully well that it is muddy water. Smog will come, and you will have to live with the dirt and make sure you are upright to finish the job.’’ 

On why he avoided engaging in debates unlike his colleagues in the presidential race, Tinubu said, “I see myself as a marketable individual. You want to use me to make money and I’m saying no.” 

For catch up 

There have been lots of controversies surrounding Tinubu’s age, state of origin and parentage, educational qualification, and even record of employment, which usually comes up in every election cycle. 

There had been some reports allegedly claiming that there was no record of the APC presidential candidate attending Chicago State University as well as working with Deloitte in the United States. 

However, a few days ago, there were some media reports showing a series of pictures where Tinubu was hosted by his alma mater, Chicago State University, some years back.  

Also, some months back, Chicago State University, upon an inquiry, affirmed that Bola Tinubu graduated from the institution. 


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