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What Herbalist Did To 15-Year-Old Boy Who Visited Him, Offering His ‘Manhood To Become Rich


A 15-year-old boy has gotten more than what he bargained for after visiting a traditional medicine man, offering his manhood in order to become rich and powerful.

In the video that has surfaced on social media, the herbalist made the young boy, who laid down on his face, to swear an oath never to indulge in money ritual else he will run mad.

The boy was said to have visited the herbalist in order to become rich and powerful.

He was willing to sacrifice his manhood, believing that he would ‘buy’ a child if he chooses to get married in the near future.


However, the herbalist dashed his hope, refusing to grant his request and made him take an oath to stop him from ever embarking on such quest.

The dibia’s words translate: “Swear, you will never go to an herbalist for money rituals. You will work hard and go to school, when you finish, you will work hard and rise to the top. You will never put your hands in bads things, whenever you try to indulge in money rituals again in your life, you will run mad.”

The young boy, in the viral video was seen repeating this words in Igbo language while the herbalist held on to his idol.


The video has garnered a lot of reactions from social media users who commended the herbalist, whilst condemning the moral decadence in the society.

Watch the video below:

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