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What Tinubu Said About PDP During Campaign Rally In Bayelsa


The presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Tinubu, has assured the people of Bayelsa State of his intention to develop the country if voted into power in 2023.

Naija News reports that Tinubu gave the assurance at the party’s presidential rally at Oxbow Lake Pavilion Swalli in Yenagoa, the state capital, on Thursday.

The former Lagos Governor urged the people of the state to sweep the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) away in the state and in the country at large in the forthcoming elections.

He blamed the deplorable situation in the state and the Niger Delta region on the maladministration of the PDP, saying that the opposition party is full of lies.


He said: “Take your broom, hold it tight. Take your PVC, and sweep them away. Let them go away with this flood.

“Let them flow away with this flood. It is the end of their lies. These termites, cockroaches, and rats, don’t even want to leave you with leftovers.

16 years in government plus another 8, 24, going 25, they cannot point to one solid road. Coming from the airport, we see valleys and gullies, no road except one to get us here.”


Tinubu promised to end the deplorable level of under-development of the state and restore its lost glory if elected as president in 2023.

He said Bayelsa holds an important position in Nigeria, being one of the major suppliers of the nation’s wealth, and that the state is blessed with mineral resources and notable individuals in the country.

He said: “If you vote for me and my team, that unfair day will surely end. Today, I am here to tell you that renewed hope is also here. I am not here to steal or eat your future but to help you realise it. Development and opportunity are here. Education is here. Good health is here. Security is here.


“We will reconstruct and maintain vital federal roadways such as the Mbiama-Yenegoa-Nembe-Brass highway. We will work with willing and capable private sector partners to build a comprehensive network of swamp bridges that connect swamp settlements with upland areas and the wider world.

“My government will make the safety and security of the people of this state its highest priority. We will take the necessary measures to address security challenges in the waterways by winning the fight against kidnapping, oil theft and piracy in the Niger Delta region.

“No innocent person should have to live in fear simply because they work hard and earn a little money. You should be able to enjoy your life and labour as you wish. No one has the right to steal that from you.


“We will deploy new technologies to protect the safety and security of law-abiding Bayelsans as well as the critical infrastructure in the state. The effects of environmental degradation and oil spillage will not be ignored.”

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